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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Happy Easter everyone! We had so much fun this weekend - dying eggs, hunting for Easter eggs, decorating Easter cookies and making a BUNNY CAKE!
On Saturday, Dylan with the assistance of his mommy, Shruthi, and aunties decorated Easter eggs for the first time. This three-year-old was super excited to carefully dip the eggs into the colored water and decorate them with adorable stickers. We helped him write the names of our family on them.
Easter Sunday started with an egg hunt for Dylan and his baby sister, Keira. They were both eager to grab as many eggs as possible and put them into their Pottery Barn easter baskets. They met the Easter bunny, had their face (and arm) painted and got their own pink and blue balloon bunnies. It was such a fun afternoon!
Our sister created her beautiful dinner table using floral plates from Villeroy and Bach, elegant white linens, white Williams Sonoma napkin rings and Williams Sonoma’s adorable egg shaped placecard holders.
Our brother-in-law, Brian, is quite the chef and every year, we look forward to his delicious holiday meals. This Easter, we enjoyed a slow roasted leg of lamb, roasted asparagus, sweet potatoes and fingerling potatoes.
For dessert, Pastry Chef Dylan helped us create sugar cookies and a bunny cake. We used Williams Sonoma’s Stamp and Style Easter cookie cutters to create cookies in the shape of eggs, baskets, bunnies and flowers. We decorated the cookies with royal icing. Our go-to sugar cookie recipe comes from Karen’s Cookies (see below for recipe links).   
Dylan was super excited to create the bunny cake. Trust us, this cake was much easier to make than it looks! Dylan insisted on using an egg cracker to crack the eggs for the batter. This tool is a must have when baking with children. See his demonstration below!
We baked our favorite chocolate cake in two 8-inch round pans. Our go-to recipe is Martha Stewart’s Salted Caramel 6-Layer Cake recipe. We made this cake without the caramel and in 2 layers. After the cakes cooled, we used Toba Garret’s decorators’ buttercream icing to frost the middle of the cakes.
To create the bunny cake:
-Cut the cake into two-thirds and one-thirds sections
-Turn the larger portion upside down to create the Bunny’s body
-Cut the smaller section in half and use one half turned upside down for the bunny’s face and further divide the remaining section in half to create the legs
To decorate the bunny cake:
-Frost the rest of the cake with icing and shaved coconut
-Ears: Milano Cookies
-Eyes and Whiskers: Black Jelly Beans
-Nose: Pink Jelly Bean
-Teeth: White Jelly Beans
-Cheeks, Paws and Tail: Marshmallows
-Additional cake decorations: Lindt Easter eggs and Jelly Beans

“All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!” ––Lucy Van Pelt from the Peanuts

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Chocolate Cake:
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Floral Plates: Villeroy & Bach
Napkin Rings: Williams Sonoma
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