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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Picnicking with Upicnic

It is finally starting to feel like SPRING! This week, we wanted to tell you about the technology foodservice startup, Upicnic. Upicnic makes it incredibly EASY to picnic in several iconic locations in New York City: Central Park, Riverside Park, Bryant Park, Battery Park and all piers along the Hudson.
We LOVE picnicking in the park. Picnics are a way to take time out to truly enjoy food with family and friends. While you can pack your own picnic basket with homemade or purchased items, Upicnic, founded by Alp Behar, makes this process even easier with just a few clicks. The Company provides delicious bites, hydrating beverages, entertaining games, checkered blankets and other  picnic essentials.
  • Fresh, Organic and Sustainable Picnic Fare: scrumptious sandwiches, refreshing salads and delicious deserts
  • Entertaining Lawn Games: corn holes, horse shoes, jarts, spike ball, uno, cards against humanity and paddle ball
  • Other Picnic Essentials: blankets, sunscreen, dog food, portable phone chargers, bluetooth speakers and disposable cameras
Upicnic brings these custom preselected goodies in a beautiful picnic basket directly to customers in Central Park, Riverside Park, Bryant Park, Battery Park and all piers up and down the Hudson. Other locations are possible as well, so just contact Upicnic directly for more information. When customers are finished picnicking, Upicnic picks everything up.
The inspiration for Upicnic came when Alp traveled in Israel. Alp noticed crowds of people picnicking in a park with picnic blankets and baskets all from the same shop. He decided to recreate this business model in New York and founded Upicnic as an "online one-stop shop and drop-off service for everything picnic" in New York.
We attended Upicnic's event last summer. Upicnic provided us with a hassle-free picnic experience in Central Park. The sandwiches, wraps, salads, couscous, cookies and brownies were delicious. We love that Upicnic sources a lot of local organic and responsibly grown ingredients.
This weekend, we attended Upicnic's Spring tasting preview party. The food was SPECTACULAR! We feasted on:
  • Kale & bean dip with pita chips
  • Meatballs with dipping sauces
  • Salmon and ham tea sandwiches
  • Cheese & jams platter (Maya’s Jams)
  • Kale & quinoa salad with roasted sweet potatoes
  • Russian & Turkish potato salads
  • Turkey & avocado club sandwiches on focaccia
  • Roast beef roll-ups with cole slaw & Swiss cheese
  • Taco avocado wraps
  • Apple tuna salad with walnuts
  • Sriracha tuna salad with lime & cilantro
  • Cookies by Kanpekies
We ended the picnic with a birthday cake for our friend, Dominique. This vanilla cake was even decorated with an adorable picnic blanket. We recommend Upicnic for a hassle-free picnic experience in the Spring, Summer or early Fall. Who doesn't love combining yummy food and the outdoors?

“A picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind.”― DeeDee Stovel

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