A Father's Guide to Success...

Happy Father's Day everyone! We hope your celebrations were as fun as ours. We sipped on delicious wine, enjoyed a fabulous home cooked South Indian meal and, most importantly, loved watching the expression of our father opening his presents. 
We began our evening with sparkling wine and opening presents. Our sister, Shruthi, and her husband gave our father a special bottle of Old Pulteney Scotch. We gave our dad a special bottle of Goldeneye Ten Degrees pinot noir and a surprise gag gift, which we hilariously wrapped in Frozen wrapping paper.
The highlight of the evening was definitely the look on his face when he received his "A Father's Guide to Success" present.
We enjoyed a lovely outdoor home cooked South Indian dinner. We opened the Goldeneye vino, which paired perfectly with our Indian meal. For dessert, we picked up a delicious mango mousse cake. Mango ice cream is a traditional Indian dessert, but we loved putting a twist by serving a mango mousse cake instead. Cheers to all the dads!
Our father even got a special message from his grandkids, Dylan and Keira. 

"It is a wise father that knows his own child"––William Shakespeare

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