A Gatsby Affair

Themes are the perfect way to jazz up a birthday. Our friend, Vadim, turned 35 this year and wanted to celebrate this birthday in a big way. He decided on a Gatsby Party that was beautifully planned by his friends, Michelle and Kira. We were excited to provide some TWINSPIRATION for this glamorous Roaring 20s party.
Michelle and Kira recreated Jay Gatsby's party atmosphere of opulence and revelry at Vadim's apartment. They selected a sophisticated color palette featuring shades of gold, black and white. 
Michelle and Kira filled the room with gold, white and silver balloons. The girls also purchased giant 18 balloons to represent Vadim's 18th birthday for the 17th time (ironically reversing the balloons turned into the correct year of his birth). Michelle and Kira decorated the buffet table with a chic sequin gold table runner and three gold painted wine bottles. Michelle was inspired by the table arrangements at our Wine Tasting party. The girls filled the bottles with gold, black and white ostrich feathers and finished the bottles with faux pearl necklaces. These luxurious arrangements were scattered throughout the room to highlight the glitz and glamor of the Great Gatsby Era.
The menu featured a lovely selection of sweet and savory treats including gold glitter chocolate covered strawberries, assorted cheeses, coconut nibbles, chocolate covered pretzels and mini cupcakes. Michelle and Vadim handmade the chocolate covered strawberries by dipping fresh strawberries into dark and white chocolate and then sprinkling them with gold edible glitter. The berries looked festive on the snack table and added an additional touch of the glamorous Gatsby era. The hosts served bubbly all night.
Guests were asked to dress in 1920s attire. Ladies decked out in flapper dresses, drop waist dresses, feathers, jeweled headpieces and faux pearl necklaces. The gentlemen looked quite dapper in their suits, ties, tuxes, bow-ties and top hats.
Archana surprised Vadim with Gatsby inspired cupcakes. Archana prefers to bake from scratch but during time crunches she suggests grabbing your favorite cupcakes from your local bakery and making cupcake toppers yourself. She topped these cupcakes with chocolate bow-ties and buttercream pearls to add a quick glamorous Gatsby touch.
Happy Birthday Vadim! We had an amazing time at your Gatsby party.

“There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.”― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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