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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Back to the Future

Fabulous parties are NOT just for kids or milestone birthdays. We believe every birthday should be celebrated in an amazing way! Our good friends, Ira and Taher, asked us to provide some TWINSPIRATION for Taher's 36th birthday. Taher is a Co-Founder of YouVisit, a virtual reality company. During the planning phase, we learned that Ira wanted to get a cake with a VR headset. Kanchana suggested a futuristic theme that would tie in nicely with the cake design. We are excited to share the details with you.    
The planning possibilities are endless for a futuristic party. You can take inspiration from your favorite science fiction films or television shows (think Star Wars, Avatar, the Fifth Element, the Matrix, the Jetsons). We were on a tight planning schedule so we recommended keeping it simple with neon and glow in the dark decorations. Ira and Taher hosted the party at their new apartment, which includes a spacious outdoor patio with stunning views of the East River. They decorated the indoor space with a strobe light, colorful LED lights, a blacklight and glow sticks. The weather gods treated us to 65 degree temperatures, rendering the outdoor space usable in February. The patio was decorated with string lights, a spinning disco ball and more glow sticks. 
The guests had a lot of fun designing their glow in the dark bling. The wearable decor photographed beautifully against the stunning NYC east side views.
Ira selected three specialty cocktails: the Taher-tini, Moscow Mule and Cosmopolitan. Kanchana created the futuristic cocktail menu using a font inspired by the film, Tron. The beverages were served in stemless plastic wine glasses. If you have an outdoor space, we recommend plastic glassware. 
Ira was excited to serve her guests dishes from her home country, Azerbaijan. The assorted appetizers from Vstrecha were delicious. The menu included Potatoes with Mushrooms, Lamb Shish Kebab, Beef Tenderloin Shish Kebab, Chicken Lula Kebab and Azerbaijani Rice Pilaf. Ira framed the buffet table with a neon colored Happy Birthday banner. 
Ira ordered the Virtual Realty headset cake from Baku Bakery. This Brooklyn based bakery also made the fabulous hookah cake that was served at our Arabian Knight party.
Happy Birthday Taher! We had a wonderful time at your party. Special thanks to Eddie Arriagada, one of Chanel's premiere makeup artists, for Kanchana's fabulous futuristic makeup.

"I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."––Albert Einstein

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