Eat, Drink and Watch Football!

Did you watch Super Bowl LI for the New England Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons or Lady Gaga's fabulous half-time performance? My friends, David, Eric and Michael cohosted a fabulous party at Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails. Although I am not a football aficionado, I was still on the edge of my seat during that nerve-wrecking fourth quarter! I am excited to share my evening with you.
For the Super Bowl, we typically like to attend a house party. Last year, we went to a Super Bowl Toga Party. Archana was traveling in India this year, so I decided to mix it up and watch the game at a restaurant. Our friends, David, Eric and Michael, rented out the space for their party. David's firm,, is a social networking company that specializes in events and vacations for New York City professionals. We attended his fabulous NYE party a few weeks ago.
The party had some hard core Patriot fans that never gave up hope on Tom Brady, the GOAT!
Handcraft served a variety of football classics: savory buffalo wings, cheesy nachos, delicious sliders and yummy tater tots (with truffle oil). There were also several salad options to satisfy the health nuts.
Last year, Archana made chocolate peanut butter pullout cupcakes.
Since my favorite baker wasn't available to bake some homemade cupcakes, I purchased chocolate cupcakes and topped them with homemade football chocolates. Cupcakes are always better with some Twinspiration.
Some tips from Archana on making molded chocolates:
  • Use high quality chocolate (not chocolate chips)
  • Purchase chocolate molds at a specialty baking store like Sweet Treat Supply or Amazon (they will arrive faster on Amazon, but will cost more)
  • Melt chocolate using double broiler 
  • Water and chocolate are like oil and water - don't let them mix
  • Avoid overheating chocolate 
  • If chocolate seizes, add shortening 
  • Melted shortening can also thin chocolate if consistency is too thick 
  • Use paintbrushes for details (multi-colored chocolates are more work but add additional dimension to the chocolates)
  • Cool chocolates in freezer and then they should pop out easily from the molds 
Painting the football laces white was more work that I originally expected. But in the end, the cupcakes with football toppers looked adorable and my friends enjoyed devouring them.
We LOVE making or buying chocolate favors or cupcake toppers and highly recommend them for themed events. In the past, Archana has made

If you are running short on time, you could also purchase chocolates on Etsy. We bought favors for:
Thanks again to David, Eric and Michael for hosting a wonderful Super Bowl party and way to go Pats for your 5th Super Bowl win!
xoxo Kanchana

"The Super Bowl is Americana at its most kitsch and fun"––Sting

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