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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Queen of Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day! Friends, significant others and spouses typically exchange cards, flowers and/or gifts on this holiday, BUT we thought it would be fun to make heart shaped treats with our niece, Keira, and nephew, Dylan. We are excited to share the details with you.
While plastic food and a pretend kitchen may work for some kids, our big girl, Keira, prefers to play sous-chef in her mommy's kitchen. In honor of Valentine's Day, we began our weekend with heart shaped pancakes. Keira prepared the pancake batter with her favorite tools, the egg cracker and the KitchenAid stand mixer. Archana used a heart shaped cookie cutter to mold the pancakes. 
Pancake Tips:
  • Skip pancake mix and follow Martha Stewart's pancake recipe
  • Martha's recipe serves 2 adults so adjust accordingly 
  • Use butter instead of oil for better flavor
  • Use a Stand Mixer or Hand Mixer to mix ingredients (you could whisk by hand but that takes longer)
  • Use metal cookie cutters and spray with cooking spray or oil (plastic will MELT!)
  • Scoop batter using ice cream scoop
We served our pancakes with maple syrup and Martinelli's sparkling apple cider.  
For lunch, Keira made heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches. She loved stamping the bread and cheddar cheese herself. We grilled the sandwiches on a Cuisinart panini press, and shortly thereafter, we enjoyed our gooey grilled cheese.
We finished our Valentine's Day celebration with homemade heart chocolates. Big brother, Dylan, even sampled the chocolate to make sure everyone would enjoy it. For tips on using chocolate molds, check out last week's Super Bowl post and purchase molds from a specialty baking store like Sweet Treat Supply or Amazon.

"The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of."––Blaise Pascal, Pensées

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