Stop and Smell the Rosé

Summer is here and rosé season is in full bloom! Named for their rosy pink color, true rosés are crisp, semi-sweet and refreshing. We partnered with Rena Jacobs and Mary Massey of Type Social and Rosh Jagarnauth of Fleur'd for a chic Rosé All Day party at Bar d'Eau. We are excited to share the details with you.
You probably know that rosé wine is not made by blending red and white wine together. Rosé ranges in color from pale orange to blushing pink to nearly violet. Each wine's color is based on a combination of its grape varietals and vilification. The longer the rosé macerates with the skin of the grapes, the darker and more tannic the wine will be. Unlike red wine, rosé does not need to be aged, so you can enjoy a glass immediately!
We love using Splash to customize the perfect invitation. Splash distributes online invitations (think EvitePaperless Post or Punchbowl), manages contact lists (think MailChimp), sells tickets (think Eventbrite), and creates a page to showcase the postparty photos (think Flickr).
We love outdoor parties in the summer. Bar d'Eau is a beautiful rooftop in Soho. When hosting a party outside, make sure your decorations are not fighting against the WIND. We used a variety of pink flowers, Rosé All Day graphics by Relish Designs and floral vines from Michaels. Inga of International Garden created our beautiful floral arrangements of baby pink roses and baby's breath, fuchsia hydrangea and flamingo peonies. Archana also made rosé gummy bears with Whispering Angel rosé that she scattered along the tables.
The space looked quite stunning with all the TWINSPIRATION.
Guests were dressed in gorgeous shades of pink and orange and sipped on rosé, sparkling rosé or rosé pops. Rosh custom designed our floral crowns. We thought they matched the theme perfectly. 
Rosh custom designed a festive floral instaframe for our party. She also made hot pink and marigold large paper flower bouquets. We highly recommend reaching out to her for paper flowers for weddings, bridal showers and other events. Fleur'd is offering our followers a 10% discount - just message Rosh on Instagram with the discount code: Twinspirational.
We also made some Rosé All Day props, but they weren't as fun to play with as Rosh's instaframe and paper flowers.
Rosé is typically served chilled and is the perfect wine for spring and summer. Combining the refreshing quality of white wines and the body and structure of red wines, these versatile wines complement a range of dishes. Rosé also pairs nicely with appetizers and main courses. We used Must Have Menus to create our Rosé All Day menu.
We shared the lobster roll and the chicken salad sandwich. They were both delicious, but you get a little more bang for your buck with the chicken.
We also celebrated our friends' birthdays with Rosé Cupcakes by Baked by Archana.
Of course, we ended the night with more Photo Booth Prop fun.
Thanks again to Rena, Mary and the staff at Bar d'Eau for a wonderful Rosé All Day party. We highly recommend Bar d'Eau for large group events. P.S. doesn't our group look wonderful?

"A good man can make you feel sexy, strong and able to take on the world. Oh sorry... that's wine... wine does that. ––Anonymous 


  1. This party looks like something I would enjoy! Great job with the simple, yet stunning decor! The wine is the main deal, right? I'd love to collab with you ladies sometime! - Meghan (Elva M Design Studio @elvamdesign)

    1. We would love to collaborate with you! Email us at twinspirationalparties@gmail.com and we can let you know what are upcoming theme parties are. We actually are working on a Ninjago party for this weekend for our nephew.


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