Gone Mad!

It's been over two years since Mad Men aired its final episode. We hosted a chic 1960s party inspired by the iconic series. We recreated Sterling Cooper at Mr. Jones in NYC and Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Peggy Olson and Joan Harris all made an appearance. We are excited to share our retro Mad Men evening with you.
Mr. Jones is the perfect location for a 1960s cocktail party that will impress even the thirstiest ad execs.  The light fixtures, decor and furniture instantly transported our guests into the Mad Men era. 
The Mad Men logo inspired the red, white and black color palette. We scattered crimson ranunculus and black calla lilies around the room. We created Mad Men coasters, menus and Photo Booth props. Guests received drink tickets with one of the main characters.
We framed Mad Men printables from Creative Market and used them as additional table decor. We set the mood with the 1960s music. We selected a jazz station on Pandora. 

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Guests dressed as their favorite Mad Men characters. Ladies sported polka dots, red dresses, vintage dresses and other period pieces along with pearls and red lipstick. We saw a mix of Betty, Joan, Peggy and Megan at the soiree. The guys dressed in classic suits with white shirts, skinny ties and fedoras.
We don't advocate smoking and you certainly can't smoke in NYC bars. Cigarettes were a big part of the Mad Men era. We scattered candy cigarettes around the room.
The candy cigarettes make for excellent props and helped everyone get into Mad Men spirit. We also created a variety of Mad Men props.
We awarded prizes to the best dressed. Just look at these amazing outfits. Our friend Mark went all out and dressed as Guy MacKendrick. In case you don't remember, Guy's most memorable scene was him vs. the lawnmower. Our best dressed lady epitomized 1960s fashion. Our best dressed winners received Mad Men playing cards as prizes.

Upside down pineapple cakes were the dessert du jour of the 1960s. Archana baked mini upside down pineapple cupcakes. They were the perfect treat to end the party.
Don and Betty Draper would have been proud of our 1960s Mad Men party. We served up the best mix of retro culinary delights, libations and period perfect attire. If you were a fan of the show and live in NYC, we highly recommend hosting your own party at Mr. Jones.

"If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation" - Don Draper


  1. Looks like a such fun Mad Men party. Oddly enough, I haven't seen it. It's been on my list for awhile

  2. What a fun idea! I LOVE Madmen, and would love to host a Madmen Party. Ranunculus is my favorite bloom, and it was the perfect pick for your flowers.

  3. I have no clue what Mad Men is about, but I love it anyway. Apparently cool theme for a party!

  4. This is one of the COOLEST parties i've ever seen. It looks like something straight out of Hollywood. I actually thought it was some sort of set party when i first started glacing. You can tell you spent a lot of time of the details.

  5. You seriously throw the best parties! All the details from the food, decor, and then everyones outfits fit the Mad Men Theme! Count me in for the next party. ;)

  6. That looks like sooooo much freaking fun! You throw the best parties. Nailed the theme and all the details. If I know anyone who needs a Manhattan event planner I will send them your way!

  7. Oh this looks like it was such a fun night! I bet it was a blast to attend! The details are all perfect!

  8. One, I love Mad Men, so this theme is freaking amazing! Two, it's so great that you got everyone to really bring it with their costumes. Great work on this party!

  9. This looks like such a blast! Mr. Jones looks like an incredible venue.

  10. You did such a fabulous job with this MadMen party! All the details are amazing! You put a lot of thought into everything!! Mr. Jones may need you as a party planner too!! Great job!!


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