Any combination of gold, black or white makes an Oscar-worthy color scheme. Meng incorporated elements of tinseltown elegance with a Red Carpet, sleek gold backdrop and Oscar Statuettes. Kanchana created a whimsical floral arrangement using black calla lilies and a “popcorn-box” vase.


To make this evening a blockbuster success, Kanchana composed an exquisite menu inspired by this year’s Oscar nominated films and cast. Just think “If these outstanding movies, actors, actresses and directors were dishes, what would they be?” If you expect to host a large cast, we suggest making the party potluck. We feasted on:

We also devoured an assortment of Oscar inspired desserts:

The runner ups in the food category included: Baked Brie Larson, Brussels Sproutlight, Revenant Bear Claws, The Marsh-In Cake Pops, Brookolyni, The Big Short Ribs and The Braise of Thighs.

Guests sipped on Oscar inspired drinks and specialty cocktails, including:


The Oscars are typically over 3 hours. This isn’t the Super Bowl so hit mute during the commercials so guests can enjoy some off-screen fun. Instead of printing official Oscar Ballots for guests to select expected winners in the major award categories, Meng composed creative Oscar bingo cards. Once the Oscars started, guests stared at the screen to find items such as “selfie,” “wink,” “trump joke” and “leo wins.” Consider adding this game to next year’s Oscar party. It was way more fun than the standard Oscar Ballot.

Meng also created her own award categories, and members of the Academy voted through secret ballot:

Each winner received an Oscar statuette and delivered a memorable Oscar acceptance speech. The twins were honored to win the last award.


The Oscars are not just about achievements in cinema. One of the best parts of the Oscars is seeing your favorite celebrities get all dolled up in their best or worst looks. Our Oscar party also delivered a night of unforgettable fashion. We wanted to highlight the 3 best looks:

Stephanie even took home a golden statuette for her Best Dressed look.
We had a wonderful time at our Oscar party. We don’t know how we will top next year’s party. At least we have 359 days to plan.

“I think it’s a great honor to win an Oscar but I think if you aim to be rewarded in your life you’ll get nowhere. I think that the biggest reward is the work itself and what you get out of it…”―Natalie Portman

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