We also attended the wedding of our dear friend Shelly to Prashant. We shared her bridal shower on Twinspirational a few weeks ago. If you’ve never been to an Indian wedding, here is what you will usually expect. Indian weddings are often multiple day affairs. The first day is typically the Sangeet, where family and friends perform choreographed dance routines and henna artists decorate the hands of female guests.

The wedding day festivities usually begin with a baraat, where the groom travels to the wedding venue on a horse accompanied by his family. Prashant wore an ivory and red turban that coordinated perfectly with his sherwani, the traditional wedding outfit for the groom. White wedding dresses are typically replaced with vibrant, colorful saris and lehengas. Shelly looked stunning in her hot pink lehenga. The traditional Hindu wedding ceremony is 2-3 hours and takes place in Sanskrit, so don’t worry if you don’t know what the priest is saying (most Indian guests don’t know either). Following the ceremony, we sampled delicious Indian snacks and sipped on wine during cocktail hour. The reception started with some amazing speeches and dance performances.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Shelly and Prashant.

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