Guests also dined on shrimp and fish tempura, biscuits, pork chops, quail eggs, scallion pancakes, fried chicken, rice, shrimp salad and more. Someone even shaped the mashed potatoes into a beautiful rose- it was very TWINSPIRATIONAL.    

The dining table looked beautiful. We recommend mixing and matching platters and using height display foods on a buffet table.

The desserts were delicious. Our favorite was Cynthia’s sponge cake roll with a strawberry and cream filling. We wanted to make rooster truffles, but our chocolate molds didn’t arrive on time. We decided to turn our bad luck into good fortune by bringing fortune cookies to the party. Other desserts included egg custard tarts, sweet rice balls and an orange upside down cake.


Meng prepared a delicious punch made with equal parts of fresh or canned lychee juice, chrysanthemum tea and passion fruit juice with a splash of pomegranate juice for color. We topped each glass with prosecco, but you could also mix with your favorite alcohol or sparkling water. Don’t forget the garnishes! We used orange peels and rosebuds. Guests also sipped on red and white wine throughout the evening.

Meng put an adult twist on the Chinese tradition of Red Envelopes. Typically, adults give children money in red envelopes during holidays or special occasions. Julia, Rob and Ramon instead wrote funny fortune for everyone and handed them out randomly. Fortunes included:

Meng, thanks for hosting our first Chinese New Year celebration. Special thanks to Melissa and her wonderful parents for cooking so many wondering dishes and teaching many of the guests how to roll dumplings. Lastly thanks to all of the wonderful photographers for capturing the lovely evening  – Meng, Mark, Christopher and Kanchana. 

“Light the lanterns and usher in another great year with new hopes and aspirations. Happy Chinese New Year!”  ―Anonymous

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