A Blushing Blue Bridal Shower

We attended the BLUSHING BLUE bridal shower of our dear friend, Shelly, last weekend. The bride's sister and cousin hosted a beautiful shower that featured various shades of pink and blue. We had an amazing time and are excited to share the details with you!
Beautiful table styling centers around combining different elements that match or complement the central color palette. Consider adding a beautiful centerpiece to your dessert table. This can be an extravagant tiered cake or a beautiful floral arrangement. Also vary the height of your platters, desserts, and vases, as this is key for creating a visually stunning dessert table. 
Shelly's adorable invitation inspired the party's pink and blue color palette. We loved the feminine table styling that included:
  • Bubblegum pink tablecloth
  • Fuchsia, cobalt and turquoise paper pom-poms
  • Floral centerpiece - magenta roses, hot pink carnations and other pink flowers
  • Yummy pink desserts  
We recommend sourcing your decorative pieces (tablecloths, tissue paper pom poms and disposable tableware) from Party City, Amazon, Etsy or Michaels. Flowers are another way to bring the color scheme into focus.

For lunch, we feasted on pinwheel sandwiches, pita with assorted dips, cherry tomatoes with mozzarella, samosas and baked ziti. After lunch, we nibbled on:
  • Pink champagne cupcakes
  • Raspberry and lemon pastries
  • Assorted gourmet cookies
  • Chocolate covered strawberries with pink chocolate drizzle
  • Mini muffins
  • Fresh fruit 
  • Chocolates with an adorable photo of Shelly and Prashant

We toasted the bride with lots of pink champagne. For the non-drinkers, the hosts prepared a cocktail with elderflower and rose syrup. 
No bridal shower is complete without some games!
  • Taboo: Guests were given 3 bangles. If another guest overheard you say one of the taboo words, "bride," "groom" or "wedding," then you lost a bangle. The guest with the most bangles at the end of the shower won a prize.
  • Memory: Guests were asked to write down their favorite memory of the bride. Shelly had to guess which guest wrote the memory. This game was a lot harder than it seems, but the bride got two-thirds of the memories correct.  
Thanks again to Shveta and Anamika for hosting a lovely bridal shower. Shelly, we can't wait to celebrate your big day in a few weeks!

"Pink is more a way of life than a color. If more boys wore pink the world would be a better place."––Anonymous


  1. It was a blasting bridal shower party!! Wonderful event and everything was just perfect. I also hosted a rainbow themed bridal shower for my sister and had booked rooftop party venues in Atlanta for this extraordinary bash. Everyone loved their arrangements and enjoyed a lot.

    1. Thanks Curtis03 Lewis... Stay tuned for all the exciting events Twinspirational has planned for 2017.


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